Campos de trabajo - Workcamps 2019

Ejemplo: 21/08/2019
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Ejemplo: 21/08/2019
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Código Nombre Localidad Tipo de trabajo Fecha inicioorden descendente
CONCF-037 ALLEGRE – Renovation of medieval alleyways Allègre (FR) RENO 02/08/2019
CONCF-039 SAINT-VINCENT– Restoration of a bread oven in a village Saint-Vincent-le-Château (FR) RENO 02/08/2019
CONCF-156 SAINT-MARTIN-D'ARMAGNAC – Restoration of the church of Castagnet Saint-Martin-D'armagnac (FR) RENO 02/08/2019
CONCF-277 ALBERTVILLE – May the Fort be with you! Albertville (FR) RENO 02/08/2019
CONCF-278 CORMARANCHE EN BUGEY – Saving wooden history! Cormaranche En Bugey (FR) RENO 02/08/2019
CONCF-183 PNR DES MARAIS - Eco-friendly life Saint-André-de-Bohon (FR) RENO, ENVI 02/08/2019
CONCF-043 DAVAYAT – Help save the local lime kilns Davayat (FR) RENO 02/08/2019
CONCF-038 LE BRETHON – Participate in the safeguarding of heritage Le Brethon (FR) RENO 02/08/2019
CONCF-251 WIMEREUX - A fort on the Opal Coast Wimereux (FR) ENVI 07/08/2019
CONCF-306 QUILLAN - The muleteer’s trail of the Portel canyon in the Cathars country Quillan (FR) ENVI, RENO 07/08/2019
CONCF-012 LATRESNE 2 – Renovation of the House of Associations Latresne (FR) RENO 07/08/2019
CONCF-013 LISTRAC 2 - Participate in the renovation of national heritage Listrac de Durèze (FR) RENO 07/08/2019
CONCF-014 SAMES 2 – Participate in the renovation of national heritage Sames (FR) RENO, CONS 07/08/2019
CONCF-011 ISLE – Participate in the restoration of national heritage Isle (FR) RENO, ENVI 07/08/2019
CONCF-042 BELLERIVE-SUR-ALLIER – Construct a wooden covered stage Bellerive-sur-Allier (FR) CONS, DISA 09/08/2019
CONCF-279-ESC SAINT JEAN CHAMBRE – Work together in the eco-village Saint-Jean-Chambre (FR) ENVI, RENO 09/08/2019
CONCF-157-ESC EMMAUS ESCALQUENS - Fighting exclusion Escalquens (FR) SOCI, MANU 09/08/2019
ICJA13 Datteln Datteln (DE) ART 10/08/2019
ICJA13 Datteln Datteln (DE) ART, KIDS, MANU 10/08/2019
VJF 4.1 Medieval-Camp #1: Who had been Luther and Cranach? German Reformation-history and tiny-house-workshop Lutherstadt Wittenberg (DE) ART, CONS 10/08/2019
VJF 6.4 Never forget #5: What happened in Buchenwald? Archaeological excavation and studying the German NS-history Weimar Buchenwald (DE) STUD, RENO, ARCH 11/08/2019
VFP-STV01-19 Bicycle Trail Building Montpelier, VT (US) RENO, ENVI, MANU 12/08/2019
VJF 1.2 Camp for Nature Lovers #1: Camping and farming in a nature reserve 19399 Wooster Teerofen (DE) ENVI 12/08/2019
VJF 3.6 Berlin remembers the Spanish Civil War 1936-39: silent restauration at the graveyard Berlin Gruenau (DE) RENO, STUD 12/08/2019
VJF 2.5 Never forget #3: What happened in Sachsenhausen? Workshops about German NS-history Oranienburg (DE) STUD, ENVI 12/08/2019