Workcamps de categoría SOCI

Campos de trabajo relacionados con proyectos sociales.

Ejemplo: 17/10/2017
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Ejemplo: 17/10/2017
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Código Nombre Localidad Tipo de trabajo Fecha inicioorden descendente
Completo L’Arche Bethleem (BE) DISA, SOCI 01/05/2017
Completo Accueil & Vie Bruselas (BE) DISA, SOCI 01/05/2017
Completo Renaissance Braine-l’Alleud (BE) DISA, SOCI 01/05/2017
CSM80.4 Bayti (our home) Essaouira (MA) KIDS, SOCI 01/05/2017
CSM82.6 Volunteer for immigrants integration Rabat (MA) EDU, SOCI 01/05/2017
CSM 83.7 Children Welfare Center...Lalla Meryem Center Rabat (MA) DISA, KIDS, SOCI 01/05/2017
CSM84.8 Malki School Casablanca (MA) EDU, KIDS, SOCI 01/05/2017
CSM86.10 AMSEI (Moroccan Association of Support for Non-adapted Children) AL BASMA (MA) EDU, KIDS, SOCI 01/05/2017
CSM87.11 CSPA (Social Center for Elderly People) Rabat (MA) SOCI 01/05/2017
CSM88.12 AMDM (Moroccan Association for Physically Disabled Persons) Rabat (MA) KIDS, SOCI 01/05/2017
CSM89.13 HADAF Rabat (MA) DISA, SOCI, YOUTH 01/05/2017
CSM90.14 JOSSOUR FFM (Moroccan Women Forum) Rabat (MA) SOCI 01/05/2017
WF101 Reykjavík - Christmas and New Year Camp in Reykjavik Reykjavik (IS) ART, CULT, SOCI 22/12/2017
WF335 Reykjavík - Christmas in the house of the hill Reykjavík (IS) ART, CULT, SOCI 23/12/2017
SJV1711 Traditional New Year for poor children and families Ha Noi (VN) CULT, FEST, KIDS, SOCI 03/02/2018