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Campos de trabajo relacionados con actividades de tipo arqueológico.

Ejemplo: 19/06/2019
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Ejemplo: 19/06/2019
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Código Nombre Localidad Tipo de trabajo Fecha inicioorden descendente
CONCF-182 AUBIGNE-RACAN – Archaeological Restoration Aubigne-Racan (FR) RENO, ARCH 05/07/2019
VJF 6.2 Medieval-Camp #2: renovate and excavate the 13th century fortress Wysburg Weisbach 23 07368 Remptendorf (DE) RENO, ARCH 08/07/2019
VFP-STV05-19 Archaeology and Culture Allegany, New York (US) ARCH, MANU, CULT 13/07/2019
GSM 13 Brush The Castle 1 MUGLA (TR) ARCH, RENO 22/07/2019
VJF 6.4 Never forget #5: What happened in Buchenwald? Archaeological excavation and studying the German NS-history Weimar Buchenwald (DE) STUD, RENO, ARCH 11/08/2019
GSM 14 Brush The Castle 2 MUGLA (TR) ARCH, RENO 21/08/2019
CONCF-308 CLERMONT L’HERAULT 2 - Let’s safeguard our heritage! Clermont l’Herault (FR) ARCH, ENVI 04/09/2019