Work camp in Chefchaouen

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Project Topic



Maintenance of a Youth Center in Jebha, Chefchaouen.



Partnership Agreement



This project is the fruit of a partnership between the delegation of Youth and Sports and the local branch of CSM.




Relevance of the project


We decided to set up this project because this center clearly needs to be refreshed. The facilities’ structure in itself is in a good state but from the outside it looks abandoned. This center clearly does not receive enough funding to invest in superficial renovations such as painting and building green spaces, even though it really needs it. Our agreement is the following: with their subsidies they buy the materials and we provide the volunteers to spare them the cost of working labour.






More info about the project

This work camp is designed to gather both national and international volunteers so that everyone will be able to appreciate the everyday life habits and culture of each other through practical and social involvement and learn from the intercultural exchange. By getting in touch with national volunteers and social workers in the center, the volunteers coming from abroad can actually get involved in the community, not only inside the center but also outside, when they finish work.


Apart from the work camp, these young people can participate also in various activities. They will have the opportunity to get in touch with the local people and take part in the Moroccan habit and way of life. 

The general organization and responsibility of the work camp lies on a camp leader who may as well prepare an outings program for the participants, including proposing spare-time activities in the surrounding area. Of course the volunteers can also take initiative and propose other activities to the group or enjoy their spare-time as they wish.



Main Context of the Activity



Jebha is a small Moroccan harbour city, located on the border of the Eastern and Western Rif. It is the urban center of the rural town of M'Tioua, province of Chefchaouen, region of Tanger-Tétouan. It used to be under the Spanish Protectorate, which explains why a large number of its population speaks Spanish; its old name was “Puerto Capaz”. It is located 130 Km away from Chefchaouen and 120 km away from Tetouan.




Volunteers Requirements


• No previous working experience required.


• Enthusiastic, positive and respectful people needed.


• Willingness to develop ties with other nationalities and learn new things; we encourage everyone to follow the pace they feel comfortable with.





Volunteers Duties



• Five days of work per week and two days off, not necessarily on week ends (depends on the work schedule.)


• 4 hours of work per day in the morning or in the afternoon.


• Paint the wall for renovation purposes and paint frescoes to brighten up the atmosphere of the center.


• Clean up and pick up trash.


• Build green spaces and take care of the environment.


• Cook in teams with other volunteers, both national and international.


• The association will organize extra activities such as outings for local children in which the volunteers can take part.





Accommodation Details


The volunteers will stay in a youth center.


We will cook 3 meals per day and will arrange shifts. Some days a group of volunteers will cook and the others will clean and vice versa. Mutual help for everyday common tasks is important.


Important highlights:  Toilets in Morocco are usually Turkish bath style. We prefer to warn you because we learned from previous volunteer experiences. Even though they will be provided with blankets, we highly recommend volunteers to bring blankets/sleeping bags with them.



Camp Address



Youth centre chefchaouen eljabha






Arrival possibilities and Meeting point


Tanger Airport is the closest to Jebha. From there, you can take a taxi to Tanger bus station and then take a bus to Chefchaouen. Someone will pick you at Chefchaouen bus station and take you to Jebha.


If you fly into any other airport of the country, you will be able to reach Chefchaouen by bus as it is a popular destination. We can help you find the best bus options if you ask us.


Once you have your flight details please send them to your interlocutor so you can arrange the meeting point with him or her.


The info sheet will be send to you by e-mail 3 weeks prior departure.