LAUNAGUET – Restore the castle cellar!

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It will be necessary to clear the cellars in which municipal material is stored in order to make it accessible. You will therefore empty the premises of bulky goods and clean the space (vaults, joinery). You will also have to open a small masonry door. This work can be physical at times.
You will stay in tents next to a football clubhouse with access to changing rooms, toilets, showers, and a kitchen. You will prepare the meals in shifts and participate in the organization of the collective life (planning, cleaning, shopping, etc.). We will encourage the purchase of local and seasonal products.
Launaguet is a small town in the Haute-Garonne, located close to Toulouse. It is today a city of 8700 inhabitants offering many services. Shops, associations, as well as various local services installed in the neigbourhood, contribute to the daily life of the village and make it an attractive place to live.
Bring working clothes and shoes (waterproof if possible, in case of rain). Bring a warm sleeping bag and a good camping mat (for sleeping in the tent); nights can be chilly and wet. Tents will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. Do not hesitate to bring activities from home, such as photos, games, musical instruments, food etc. And do not forget your swimming suit; you may need it! Foreigners from the European Union must bring their personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and all participants must bring their insurance certificate. If health issues arise during the program, volunteers will need to cover all costs; they will be reimbursed upon their return to their home country.