Organic Gardening

Blushøj 4A, Attrup 9460 Brovst Denmark
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You will be part of the daily work in our 6 hectare big organic outdoor gardening. In July, the primary work tasks are to exterminate weeds, harvest and sell vegetables. We also have some goats and hens that needs to be fed, and if you have building skills we can also find some construction projects. Besides the work, we will of course have time to participate in cultural events in the local area and do smaller trips to the sea and the fiord.
Sleeping facilities: All participants will sleep together in a big living room on mattresses. There will also be tents, if anybody prefer that option. We have mattresses for everybody, but you need to bring a sleeping bag yourself. Kitchen + bathroom facilities: There is a kitchen with all kitchen equipment, and a fireplace available for cooking. The Work Camp group will cook for each other and make breakfast, lunch and dinner together with the two camp leaders.There are bathrooms including a washing machine for free use.
The socioeconomic market gardening Raad & Daad is located in the Northern Denmark. In the spare time and weekends there will be plenty of time to explore the area and participate in local events. Social activities will be arranged by the two Work Camp Leaders from Denmark. It will be possible to do smaller trips to the sea, the fiord, etc. Raad & Daad has bicycles available you can borrow. On you off days, it is possible to arrange daytrips e.g. to Skagen (the most Northern point of Denmark), Aalborg (the nearest city) or what you find interesting. But you will need to pay for public transport. If you wish to stay some days after the Work Camp has finished it is possible to camp or use the shelter at Raad & Daad. Just coordinate it with the host beforehand.
All work will outdoor, so you have to like to be outdoor in all kinds of weather. It is preferable if you have some kind of practical skills, since you are to build, paint, etc. A motivational letter is required. Please write ½ page about yourself, explaining why you are motivated for this camp.
English will be the only language spoken. All participants must be willing to speak English, even though being from the same country or having troubles with the English language. Try your best! Also, please have in mind that you are going to share work place with fragile people with minor disabilities.