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Presentation of the association:

A&V is an association of three homes and one-day centre welcoming people with a light to moderate intellectual disability.
Located on the outskirts of Brussels, they offer a family life to people who are supervised by professionals and volunteers.
During the day, the majority of interns work in sheltered workshops, others go to the day centre.
The A&V’s mission is to create, manage and run activities and places to live, and work to ensure a social integration of quality to people with intellectual disabilities. It seems to us that the diversity of social contacts is an asset for the residents.

The Project:

Dates: permanent
Type: integration with disabled people
Length: from 3 to 12 months
We see volunteering as an opportunity to welcome a dynamic and self-willed volunteer, from another area, to pursue our objective of welcoming resourceless people in our society. Living with people with a disability is a humanly rich and intense life experience. Accompanying them daily brings us simplicity and authenticity, and by mixing with them, we learn to accept everyone as a unique person, rich of its differences.
For the volunteer, this community life project is a unique opportunity to broaden its mind.
Teams in the three houses collaborate regularly and integrate volunteers’ participation in their daily functioning in order to offer the residents a rich and wide social environment.
The volunteer is entirely part of the team, and participates to every meeting except for the ones under professional secrecy. The volunteer will participate to the community life: in the evenings (4pm to 9.30pm), sometimes in the morning (6am to 8am), and some weekends (from Friday 3.30pm to Sunday 10pm), for a maximum of 35h/week.
For the day centre, the timetables are as following: from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm, for a maximum of 35h/week.
The exact timetable will be set with the volunteer in order to attend his needs and requests.

It will also take into account the French lessons (for max. 5h/week). Each month, the exact daily planning will be delivered to the volunteers.


Food will be provided to the volunteer during his working hours. The rest of the time, he will have to cook for himself. The volunteer has the possibility to go buy some groceries with the person in charge or to make an order for one week.


The volunteer is asked to clean his room or apartment during his stay and when he leaves. Cleaning supplies are available. A key will be given to the volunteer, and must be returned when he leaves. If he loses it, we might have to change the locks.


Every month, a general allowance and a food allowance are given to the volunteer who is working in the day centre.