Ban Nuclear Weapons Mutlangen Buechel

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Volunteers are invited to join our campaigns and activities for promoting peace during the time of the workcamp. You will help us through your participation and through some manual and artistic work: In Mutlangen we will have promoting actions for a peaceful world in the Rems garden show. We will have a peace bicycle ride 40 km along the river Rems. And together we will design and create an artistic installation for the so called peace meadow in Buechel and support the campaign against the remaining nuclear weapons. We believe that campaigns for nuclear disarmament and nonviolence conflict resolution are messages worth to be spread in the media. We invite you to learn from best examples in peace building and to help us to share these examples in social media as messages of peace. If possible you can translate them into your language. Such skills are particularly welcome! Study part: Volunteers will receive information about nuclear weapons, ongoing nuclear armament programs and efforts of disarmament and reconciliation. We will share experiences about different forms of action for peace. As there will be contacts to German native speakers, workcamp is good possibility to improve your German language skills.
We sleep in tents. In Mutlangen in the garden of the Pressehütte. In Büchel in a peace camp on a field beside the military airfield. You will need to bring sleeping pad and sleeping bag. Vegetarian food will be prepared together.
Volunteers can visit attractions in the Swabian Jura and the Eifel.
We ask for a contribution of 50.- Euro for the travel costs during the workcamp.
You will need sleeping bag and isolation sheet. Food will be vegetarian. The workcamp starts and ends in Mutlangen. A motivation letter is needed. Please let us know about your studies, work interests and concerns. Do not forget to bring a warm sweater and clothes, nights can be rather cold. Please note: Official end of the workcamp will be in Buechel, not in Mutlangen. Next train station in Buechel is Cochem, from there you can go with train to Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Cologne (via Koblenz). Another option is to use airport Frankfurt Hahn, which is much nearer. You can reach it by bus.