Mittweida near dresden
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The camp takes place at the aeurooeMEllerhofaeuro, which is a reconstructed traditional half-timbered farmhouse. It runs a socio-cultural center of the local community which offers creative workshops and courses aimed to the personal development. Nearby is the so-called aeurooegarden of sensesaeuro which consists of a small park, a play area, trees for climbing and a natural stage for events with an 80 year old circus-wagon. It also has an area with herbal garden and berry bushes. Lots of workcamps helped to embellish the house and the garden.It is planned that you will work together with local students and pupils, good possibility to improve your German language skills.

This year is planned to renovate a stage made of wood and to embellish an old construction site trailer. This means to work with wood and to be creative with paints.The stage is located in our garden, after you changed some beams and planks of the construction, it can be used again for our events. The trailer needs to be prepared as tool shed and you are welcome to decorate him with a graffiti Important as well is the work in the aeurooeGarten der Sinneaeuro, which needs maintenance every year. Especially the tunnels made of wicker. Volunteers will be integrated into the household and are asked to cook for approximately 20 guests and stuff of the MEllerhof. In the end of the workcamp an international evening is planned as big party for the volunteers and guests of Muellerhof. You are invited to introduce your country and to offer typical food of our country. In addition there will be a band playing and a teacher will show how to dance traditional folkdancesStudy part: Volunteers can ex

The participants will sleep in the big loft of the Muellerhof (80mI) which includes a shower and toilets. Food will be prepared together in the big kitchen of the Muellerhof

Mittweida is surrounded by a nice landscape with nice places waiting to be visited. Next interesting cities are Freiberg, Leipzig, Dresden. There is a university for applied science with lots of international students.There is a range of possibilities for excursions and visits of interesting places:Guided tour through the University of Applied Sciences, visits to the town hall, museum and church of Mittweida. We will also offer outdoor activities and guided hiking-tours in the area (e.g. a hike to a dam, the fortress Kriebstein or the Rochlitzer Porphyrberg). Itaeuros also possible to visit the cities nearby: Dresden, Leipzig or Chemnitz.